Robbie back in Vic. giving coastal wetlands tour


Robbie seems to like crossing borders. He also seems to have taken up the position of Coastal Wetlands Tour Guide – SE SA & SW Vic.

Just when we thought he might be settling down at Pick Swamp in South Australia after his big journey, this energetic young Australasian Bittern flew 8 kms along the coast back into Victoria. He spent a day or two in the wetland areas around the mouth of the Glenelg River near Nelson, and then kept moving.

Flying another 12 kms along Discovery Bay Coastal Park, his last transmission yesterday put him about 21 kms from Pick Swamp. He is certainly one very mobile Bunyip Bird. See below for maps of his movements along the coast, at Pick Swamp and the Glenelg mouth.

PICK to discovery

Movements of Robbie from Pick Swamp along coast into Victoria.


Pick Swamp high accuracy 2 and 3 movements

High accuracy movements (<500m error) of Robbie at Pick Swamp, South Australia.


Glenelg Mouth High accuracy 2 and 3 movements

High accuracy movements (<500m error) of Robbie around mouth of Glenelg River.


  1. This has been an exciting time for Robbie and also for us to be able to follow him as he wanders around the country. Good luck with the findings of Robbies journey. I will be waiting to see where he goes next.


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