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Launch: Bittern-friendly Rice Growing Incentive EOI



This is hugely exciting and great timing for #ThreatenedSpeciesDay. Riverina Local Land Services have just launched Expressions of Interest for Bittern-friendly Rice Growing incentives as part of their “Boosting The Bunyip Bird Yield” project: https://riverina.lls.nsw.gov.au/…/Incentive-flyer-Bitterns.…
It’s a really tough season for rice growers, with very low to non-existent water allocations, but it’s these years that are probably the most important to bitterns. If you know anyone growing rice with early permanent water in the MIA or CIA this season then please make sure they know about the program and encourage them to get involved. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen.

New Paper: Rice fields support the global stronghold for an endangered waterbird


In this new paper, published online yesterday in Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, we formally estimate that Riverina rice fields support 500-1000 bitterns, about 40% of the global total. It provides a foundation for our future work with bittern-friendly rice growing. The key message: previously overlooked, rice fields can play an integral role alongside natural wetlands in the conservation of the Australasian bittern. Thanks to all the rice farmers who made this study possible, and to everyone else involved. Please click on the link below to access the paper and download a pdf for free until August 29. Afterwards, feel free to email info@bitternsinrice.com.au for a copy.

Rice fields support the global stronghold of an endangered waterbird

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